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The aim of the AgeingWell Network is to build and animate a European network focused on improving the quality of life of older persons by promoting the market uptake of ICT solutions for Ageing well.

To achieve its aim, the following five main objectives of the AgeingWell project are:

§ Develop guidelines for deployment and sharing of best practice between key competence centres;
§ Build an ICT for Ageing Knowledge Centre with the aim to share the results with the Ageing Well Community;
§ Develop an ICT for Ageing Society Strategic Agenda, with the aim of providing a study on options for future structure and implementation of EU innovation funding;
§ Promote the European innovation reinforcement between innovative ICT industries & Ageing (in particular SMEs) and Venture Capital firms, Business Angels and other;
§ Raise awareness within the European community of ICT & Ageing stakeholders through soft measures (web-based communication), and hard measures (organization of 3 international events and 11 national events).

The NET-SHARE (Network of ICT Experienced Organizations, Sharing Experiences, Knowledge and Supporting SME’s) project intends to create, animate and manage a network of experienced ICT organizations, from several European countries, to share the experiences and knowledge on ICT initiatives and services for SMEs, gained mainly during participation in the SME domain of the former eTEN programme, and to make such experience and knowledge available for support to European SMEs, with a particular focus on the promotion of wide and fast uptake of innovative solutions in microelectronic components, microsystems and embedded systems.
The aim of the NET-SHARE project addresses the following specific objectives:
• to set-up a network composed by experienced eTEN - SME domain - coordinators and participants, sharing a common identity, code of ethics, objectives and work methods;
• to implement methods and tools for the sharing of experiences and best practices, training, development of specific approaches and standards and providing guidance for solutions and their implementation.
NET-SHARE is an ICT PSP project, Project Coordinator is Inovamais, S.A. from Portugal.

The NET-EUCEN (Network of European Stakeholders for Enhancing User Centricity in eGovernance) project intends to create, animate and manage a network of experienced ICT organizations covering the whole supply chain of the service for users, belonging to 20 European countries, to share the experiences and knowledge on ICT initiatives and services for the wide User Domain, gained mainly during participation in funded project such as the IST and the eTEN programme more oriented to develop and test services for users. The NET-EUCEN project is founded on the concept of developing a network of stakeholders in the Governance and Service to User Modeling domains with relevant knowledge of massive on-line service fruition and eInclusion policies and interests.
The NET-EUCEN project will explore the effectiveness of the existing and innovative forms of service provision and user engagement by assessing sharply-focused scenarios developed by all the participants to the whole supply-chain of the eGovernment, from the public agencies to the users. The NET-EUCEN project will aim to develop guidelines for user centric delivery of eGovernment services in the 5 to 10 year timeframe.

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