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Data Media Group has high professionalism and knowledge, experience, proved by more than 14 years of successful operation, public and private partnership networks in Baltic Sea Region, Central and Eastern European countries, high effectiveness per employee. DMG staff includes project managers and experts with University degrees and professional experience in ICT, business administration and market research.

Events and Projects
Baltic IT&T Forum, which was started by DMG in 1997, has become one of the largest and most significant ICT events in the Baltic Sea Region. Each year it provides analysis and targeted projects on significant ICT research fields. For example, in 2009 it was organised a Seminar Secure Future Internet Solutions in cooperation with ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency). Seminar was organized for IT security professionals, CIOís and was focused on IT security global innovations and trends, provided analysis of actual situation in the Balticís regarding Personal Data Protection, touched encryption and data leakage protection, Safer Internet-plus programme in Europe and Latvia and more. It was a continuation of the Workshop: Security - Internet and Information Systems organised in cooperation with ENISA in 2008. Workshop elaborated on issues of awareness raising, management of information society and legal aspects, specific information security incidents and how they were resolved.
It is worth mention also International Conference: Human Language Technologies - The Baltic Perspective organised in 2004 in the framework of Baltic IT&T Forum. The conference provided a significant push for development and wide - spread implementation of support for languages of Baltic countries in new technologies. Among main goals of the conference were to raise public awareness about important role of the human language technologies in information society, to share information about latest development in the area of computer linguistic, to build interdisciplinary ties between specialists of computational science, linguistic and information management.
One of the achievements of DMG is also appointment of the company as eTEN contact point (in 2004), thus demonstrating the expertise and professionalism of DMG, approved by state authorities and European Commission.
DMG has been involved and carried out a series of ICT and related socio-economic research, for example, Software Industry research in Latvia. In this direction DMG has collaborated with universities and other research organizations, for example, Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki, leading universities of Latvia, etc.
From 2008 DMG has been actively involved in European Research networks such as NET-SHARE (2008, 14 partners from 8 countries), NET-EUCEN (2009, 24 partners from 17 countries).
A significant achievement of DMG is also creation of a comprehensive Baltic network of researchers and ICT experts, IT partnerships.

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Our clients and partners

Among our major clients and partners are national SMEĎs and foundations, ICT companies, industry associations and trade organisations. Among international partners and clients are industry as well as public organizations: International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO), IDG Corporation, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, Estonian Informatics Centre, the Information Society Development Committee under the Government of Lithuania, Infobalt association, Enterprise Ireland etc.
DMG staff has experience and knowledge in EC programmes: eTEN, CIP, IST, eContent, Leonardo and EQUAL. DMG has organised various EC project meetings, for example, EuroTermBank partners meeting in Riga, Net-Share meeting in Riga, MIAUCE Riga meeting, TRIPOD Riga meeting, etc.

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