The Final BONITA Conference

Driving ICT Innovation − from Science to Practice

Turning Transfer Facilitators into Transfer Drivers

November 24, 2011
Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel, Riga, Latvia


Panorama of Riga


An important European key challenge, according to EU Strategy Europe 2020 and Digital Agenda for Europe, is to drive ICT innovation and strengthen the link between science and industry. Europe continues to under-invest in ICT related research and development, and is slow in the uptake of ICT-based innovations. Europe has to do better in turning knowledge into innovation: improving the efficiency of the knowledge and technology transfer process will significantly improve the research and innovation ecosystem in Europe.


The elements of knowledge and technology transfer have already been understood for several years and many actions have been taken to deal with its specific challenges. But successful transfer needs the active role of the involved stakeholders and certain skills to meet the requirements of a complex transfer ecosystem. Generally these aspects are underestimated and transfer is often implemented as a top down activity, rather than a bottom up process, turning transfer facilitators to transfer drivers.


The BSR-INTERREG 4B project BONITA was initiated to form a strong European cluster from transfer practitioners within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) to develop mechanisms for turning research into sustainable regional values.


This event will stimulate discussions on an active involvement of science and research in the knowledge and technology transfer process. The conference will bring together technology transfer stakeholders and senior policy makers from the Baltic Sea Region countries, high level representatives from Ministries of Education and Science, Economics, experts from the European Commission and international organisations.


The BONITA project will feed this exchange with its interesting results:

  • The BONITA Innovation and Knowledge/Technology Transfer Model satisfies the requirements to the Process Reference Models and Process Assessment Models established by ISO/IEC 15504. This Model allows doing assessments of organizations within the complete innovation chain and is an important tool to support the process improvement of these organizations.
  • The BONITA network of showrooms and virtual showrooms is a novel tool to improve scientific communication and exchange between research, industries, society and politics. This bi-directional window to research transforms abstract scientific results to understandable and tangible demonstrators.

 Target audience of the conference:

  • Technology transfer and innovation ecosystem stakeholders and policy makers from the Baltic Sea Region countries,
  • BONITA project partners − universities, scientific parks, technology transfer agencies and ICT associations,
  • Scientific and research organizations,
  • ICT industry key players,
  • Baltic Sea Region 2007−2013 Programme officials,
  • Mass media.

(European Regional Development Fund)