A vision of desirable eLearning and eInclusion development trends in Latvia

Andrejs Ermuiža, lead researcher, Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Latvia, Latvia

There is proved conviction that welfare progress of Latvia is not possible without moving our society to the wide topic knowledge using and introducing eLearning in existing education and training systems and in lifelong learning as well. As the ways and means for overcoming existing shortcomings of ignorance there is proposed internet using expansion and eContent up building in wide areas of practice and in social security firstly.



Dr. sci. comp. A. Ermuiza is working at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science since 1963. Since 1997 he manages projects for developing solutions concerning with security of safety-critical objects and methods of timely knowledge obtaining for hazards preventing. Since 2001 he is teaching computer networks in Riga Technical University as well as the associate profesor.